UNIFEM and Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman Launch Internet Campaign on Ending Violence against Women

2008 Call for Proposals of the United Nations Trust Fund in Support of Actions to Eliminate Violence Against Women

The UN Trust Fund in Support of Actions to Eliminate Violence against Women, is launching its annual call for proposals for 2008. Interested governments, civil society organizations and UN Country Teams in partnership with governments and NGOs, from developing countries and countries in transition are invited to submit initial concept notes (max. 5 pages), that meet with the core principles and focus of the call. Please note the deadline for submission is May 26th 2008. [Read more]

Judges from Thailand and Vietnam visited the Philippines for Knowledge Sharing on Gender Equality and the Judiciary

UNIFEM’s CEDAW Southeast Asia Programme is working with court systems in the region to improve the understanding of CEDAW among judges and court personnel with a view to strengthening gender-responsiveness of the judiciary. [Read more]

ASEAN Regional Workshop on Gender Equality Legislation
Bangkok, Thailand; 13-15 February 2008

The three days workshop hosted by the Office of Women’s Affairs and Family Development, Ministry of Human Security and Social Development, Government of Thailand, brought together legal drafters and technical staff of the national women’s machineries, ministries of justice and gender equality advocates from ten ASEAN countries and Timor Leste to discuss gender equality legislation. The event was supported by UNIFEM East and South East Asia sub-regional office under its ASEAN-UNIFEM Framework of Cooperation. [Read more]

ASEAN High-Level Meeting on Good Practices in CEDAW Reporting and Follow-up Vientiane, Lao PDR; 14-15 January 2008

At the ASEAN High-level meeting hosted by the Government of Laos, ASEAN member countries exchanged experiences in preparing for the CEDAW Committee review of State reports, and planning follow-up to the Committee Concluding Comments. The common challenges in preparation and follow-up to the CEDAW review process as well as some good practices that can be models for ASEAN member countries were identified. The meeting promoted ASEAN partnership and cooperation towards the effective implementation of CEDAW through a better understanding of the mechanisms that facilitate effective monitoring and reporting. It also highlighted how civil society groups can add value to the CEDAW review process including helping governments to identify gaps in CEDAW implementation. See Joint Statement of the meeting.

“Workshop on Integrating CEDAW in Tertiary Curriculum in Southeast Asia,”
8-9 November, 2007, Bangkok.

UNIFEM in collaboration with Office of Human Rights Studies and Social Development, Mahidol University organized a Workshop on Integrating CEDAW in the Curriculum of Tertiary Educational Institutions on 6-7, November, 2007. [Read more]

Gender and Development for Cambodia (GAD/C) awarded the UN Trust Fund grant

The United Nations Development Fund for Women, UNIFEM, its Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman, and a large number of partners launched an Internet campaign on ending violence against women on 26 November 2007. Titled, “Say NO to Violence against Women”, the campaign invites people to add their names to a virtual book on a web site that has been developed specifically for this purpose: www.saynotoviolence.org. Urging hundreds of thousands – even millions – of people around the world to participate, the campaign aims to send a strong message to decision-makers to place ending violence against women high on the global agenda. [download, pdf, 32KB].

Male Leaders in Timor-Leste Give Voice to Ending Violence Against Women.

As part of the global campaign on 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women, UNIFEM, with support from UNMIT, the Secretary of State for the Promotion of Equality (SEPI) and the Association of Men Against Violence (AMKV) launched a multi-media campaign on 26 November, 2007 to raise public awareness on and secure the commitment of Timor-Leste’s leaders to end violence against women. [Read more].

UN congratulates Viet Nam on NA passage of domestic violence law

Ha Noi, November 21, 2007 – The United Nations congratulated Viet Nam on the National Assembly’s passage of the “Draft Bill Domestic on Violence Prevention and Control” during the final day of sitting of the Assembly today.

The right to live free of violence and discrimination is the right of every human being. Yet violence against women continues in every part of the world and it limits social and economic progress and harms families and communities. [Read more]

Cross-cultural Perspectives on Gender Equality and Women’s Rights: Progress and Challenges Forum

UNIFEM Forum on “Cross-cultural Perspectives on Gender Equality and Women’s Rights: Progress and Challenges” on 16 October 2007 attracted over 150 participants from the diplomatic corps, academia, students and members of the public.

Four women ambassadors to Thailand shared with the audiences on the progress of women’s development and empowerment in their respective countries namely India, Israel, Norway and South Africa. [Read more]

“The Role of the Judiciary in Promoting Gender Equality,”
A Southeast Asia regional colloquium
25-27 October 2007, Chiang Mai.

Supreme Court and appellate court judges, and representatives from judicial training institutions from seven Southeast Asian countries take part in for the Regional Colloquium on the Role of the Judiciary in Promoting Gender Equality. This event is organised by UNIFEM’s CEDAW SEA programme with Chiang Mai University and the Office of the Judiciary of Thailand in recognition of the important role played by the judiciary in interpreting and implementing laws. The meeting aims to promote the use of CEDAW by judges, to raise awareness among them on the need for gender sensitivity and gender responsiveness in the justice system, as well as to promote capacity building to this end.

UNIFEM and the Thai government convene a regional forum on how men can do more to end violence against women, sharing good practice from Asia-Pacific.

Press Release
United Nations, Bangkok, 3 September 2007

UNIFEM and the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, the Royal Thai Government, jointly host a regional conference on Men as Partners to End Violence Against Women on 3-4 September 2007 at the UN Convention Centre, Bangkok. [Read more in English / Thai (pdf)]